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A life settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to a life settlement provider such as The Settlement Group, Inc. A life settlement is an option for policyholders who determine that their current policy is no longer needed due to changes in the owner’s circumstances. Maybe it is the wrong type of policy at this stage in your life or is too much coverage or not enough coverage. A life settlement can give the policyholder the option to convert an unwanted or unneeded life insurance policy into a lump sum settlement.
Life settlements have provided billions of dollars of cash more than would have been paid by the life insurance company if the policies were surrendered or lapsed.

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Anyone, seeking a life settlement should first talk with his or her insurance agent/consultant, financial professional or legal advisors. Generally, candidates for life settlements are 65 years of age or older and have owned a policy for more than two years. However, ages maybe younger or older, depending on health conditions of the insured. All types of policies, including term, whole life, universal life, variable, and joint survivorship may be eligible.

In some cases, group insurance may qualify as well.  A brief discussion with a Settlement Group, Inc. professional will help you determine your eligibility and options. Policies may be owned individually, or through corporation, foundation, trust, non-profit organization or business.With the opportunity of the secondary market for life insurance, eligible policyholders now have more choices than ever before. The benefits of a life settlement can be significant.

  • Change in estate planning need
  • To pay for healthcare costs
  • Stop unwanted premiums
  • Obtain more cash than the surrender value

To find out if you qualify for a life settlement, call 1-877-442-6684, or fill out the form below.