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Investor Overview

Life Settlements represent a new and exciting financial asset class and have attracted the attention of both private and institutional investors. Over 100 billion dollars of policy face value has been transacted providing policy holders with more than two billion dollars more than the cash value of those policies. That is a significant amount of money that life settlements have put back in the hands in of the consumer.
It has been quoted by industry experts that life settlement portfolio returns are realizing 7% to 11% annually.

An investor signing a document

Life settlements are considered an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio. Settlements are not correlated to any other financial markets. Financial conditions and the media that may impact the performance of stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. may have no effect on your life settlement investment.

A life settlement transaction is complex and highly regulated in most states, which requires the expertise and knowledge of an experienced provider company. The Settlement Group, Inc. (SGI) has over 20 years’ experience in the business, buying and selling life insurance policies. The company has been involved with more than a billion dollars of investment and billions of dollars of face value life settlements. We can assist you in successfully attaining your investment objectives. SGI is equipped to perform value analysis, process and maintain your investment portfolio.

Please contact one of SGI’s professionals to discuss your specific needs and answer all your questions with discretion and confidentiality.