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We understand the sensitive nature of a life settlement transaction; therefore, we conduct ourselves with the utmost compassion and confidentiality. Commitment, determination and unrelenting pursuit of excellence has resulted in SGI becoming one of the oldest and largest life settlement companies in the business. Each day we strive to make improvements in the care of our customers and the way we conduct our business. Our mission is to serve our clients, brokers, agents, and vendors with the highest degree of ethics and professionalism.

The opportunity to serve you is our reward!

Management Team


Joseph M. Lucent

Mr. Joseph M. Lucent began his career in the life settlement business in 1997 as owner and founder of American Viatical Corporation (AVC.) He demonstrated leadership, management, and marketing success in planning and building a successful settlement brokerage. AVC, now known as ALIR (A Life Insurance Redemption Company), has successfully settled over one billion of face value life insurance since inception.

In the early years of the settlement business (1990-2001), viatical life settlements (terminal illness) made up the bulk of the industry. During this time, Mr. Lucent produced and financed a video specifically designed for cancer patients to aid healing, provide hope and motivation, and financial aid through the life settlement process. The video was eventually produced in two languages (English and Spanish) and more than 5,000 copies were distributed to over 60 countries world-wide. The video is still being used today in many cancer treatment facilities.

Mr. Lucent was a member of LISA (Life Insurance Settlement Association) for over 10 years. He served on the board of directors from 2000 to 2004 as Vice President and chairperson of the membership committee. During this time, he was very active in promoting fair and responsible legislation for the purpose of regulation and growth of the life settlement industry.

He founded The Settlement Group, Inc. (SGI), a provider company, in 2004. SGI has purchased well over a billion in face value of life insurance since inception. SGI is Licensed in most states to conduct life settlement transactions and experienced in all aspects of the life settlement business.

Director of Life Settlement Transactions

Kelley Pickard

Director of Life Settlement Transactions

Holly Merletti

Policy Analysis

Miranda Haggerty

Compliance Director

Phoebe Ricard